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Complaints, Snakes, & a Donkey

Hey Relentless Students! I hope you were able to get outside and enjoy the sun yesterday. With the nice weather and heavier content that these Devos provide, we did not post one yesterday, I hope you understand. we continue our voyage through the story of the Bible. In our last installment, we looked at Leviticus. Now, something I failed to mention is Leviticus takes place at the base of the mountain Moses received the 10 commandments. The people took time to build the mobile sanctuary for the tablets and breakdown what offerings and sacrifices would look like. This leads us into the book of Numbers which is focused on the peoples' journey during their 40 years of wandering.

If you ever thought "I want to read a book about nothing but complaining!" then this is the book for you. Is it all complaining? No, but there is a heavy presence of ungrateful people. Can you blame them though? They are wandering in the desert facing many uncomfortable situations. It's bad enough that the people want to go back to Egypt because they don't trust in God to deliver them to the promised land. The thing is if they had had faith they wouldn't be stuck walking in the desert.

We see some interesting focal points in this book as well. Moses' brother and sister attempt to rebel and the sister becomes sick with leprosy temporarily. We see Moses strike a rock out of anger (not his first time getting so upset) and being told he would no longer enter the promised land. Both Moses' siblings pass away. The people are burdened by snakes that burn and are healed by a bronze snake on a pole, representing Jesus on the cross. There's also a talking donkey that convinces a prophet not to curse the Israelites. And more laws added for the people to follow.

Honestly, as you read through Numbers you are faced with some slow parts, but there are some crucial lessons outside of the laws. The people were forced to wander for 40 years, because of their lack of faith in what God had promised them. How does your faith compare? Do you trust the plans God has or do you let fear control? We see anger get the better of Moses several times in there journey (Exodus has examples as well). His anger was his downfall and inevitably it was out of spite, leading God to ban him from the promised land. What role does anger play in your role? Do you allow your anger to control you and build up in pride or do you respond humbly?

As we go through the Bible we will see some exciting books that are easy to read and full of enticing stories. There are also books that feel dry and can be hard to get through. It's okay to feel that way as long as we don't allow that to stop us from continuing in our pursuit of understanding more about Him. Even in the slower books, there are lessons and things God has to say. You just have to remember that the writing style of the Bible is not what we are used to in 2020 American literature.

For more info on the book of Numbers check out this video:

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