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Even Kings Fail

Hey there, Relentless Students!

Today we will be continuing our voyage through the stories offered in scripture. Yesterday we entered the time in Israel's history marked by prophets and kings. During this time God called prophets to speak to the people on His behalf. The people demanded a king and the prophets were instructed to anoint the kings and bring them before the people. Samuel was the first to do this with Saul and then David. By the end of 1 Samuel the prophet has died and so has Saul, allowing David to rise to power. In doing so the nation of Israel split into the Northern and Southern kingdoms known as Israel and Judah. This is where we begin in 2 Samuel.

2 Samuel's main focus is the kingship of David. We see his rise to power and his inevitable death with all the in-between. David is seen as this man after God's own heart (1 Samuel 13:14), yet when we see his full life unfold he is a failure. He succumbs to sin like each of us and is still considered "a man after God's own heart", why is that?

The turnaround. David would turn back to God each time. Was it immediate? No, but he still came back. Not only did he come back, but he was also honest at every turn. As we continue to our trek through the Bible we will enter the Psalms and see David pour his heart out to God with the good and the bad.

So, 2 Samuel is the kingship of David and his actions. As king, David made Jerusalem the center of Judah going as far as to build a sanctuary there to house the Ark of the Covenant (the item holding the 10 commandments). We also see the actions taken with Bathsheba and the prophet Nathans rebuke. There is war and bloodshed as betrayals happen as well as conflicts with neighboring nations. Then, the book closes with the death of David followed by a story of his final sin.

The book, like 1 Samuel, shows the dramatic moments of a fallen humans reign over a fallen group of people. Nothing will ever be right, nothing will be perfect. As we go through the rest of the Bible we will only see one perfect person and that is Jesus. The Old Testament is there as a reminder of brokenness and the need for a savior, not to mention a lot of "I wouldn't do that..." moments. David's life as described in 2 Samuel was overall admirable, but like you and me, he was broken at his core and unable to live as God has called. This is why Jesus is so essential, His blood is the answer to our brokenness.

For more info on 2 Samuel check out this video:

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