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Hope is Coming Day 14


Read: Ezra 1:2-5, 3:10-13

Think: The Israelites had been captives in a foreign land, stripped of their identity and unable to worship freely for 70 years when the Persian king told them that they could finally go home. Have you ever felt like a stranger in a foreign land? Has your faith ever been in ruins like the temple of Jerusalem? How is God calling you to come back to Him and rebuild your faith?

Hope: The good news is that no matter how ruined you may feel or how long it’s been since you have truly worshipped God, Jesus bridges the gap for you. Wherever you are lacking, He is always enough. He isn’t waiting to scold you. His arms are open wide and ready to embrace you with love.

Pray: Jesus, it’s with both shouts of joy and tears of gratitude that I come to you today. Rebuild my faith and give me the strength to persevere even when I feel like I am in exile in a land that is not my home.

Apply: Invite someone younger than you to your home to decorate ornaments or to have hot chocolate. Use it as an opportunity to encourage them.

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