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Hope is Coming Day 18


Read: Hosea 2:14-23

Think: Hosea was another prophet of God whose life is an allegory of God’s relationship with His people, Israel. You see, Israel was like an unfaithful spouse. Israel kept “cheating” on God with other fake gods by worshipping them instead. They didn’t keep the promise they made when they said they wanted to be in relationship with Him. However, in this prophecy, Hosea is telling Israel that God is going to forgive them and take them back, even after all they have done to Him. How have you “cheated” on God?

Hope: The amazing thing about being a Christian is that our ability to stay faithful to God doesn’t change His faithfulness to us (2 Timothy 2:13). Just like Israel, we have “cheated” on God with other things. Yet, because of what Jesus has done, we can have a completely restored relationship with Him, not feeling the shame of our past mistakes. This is the hope of Christmas!

Pray: God, thank you for coming to this Earth to win me back even when I was the one who “cheated” on you. Thank you for not keeping a list of my mistakes, but you look at me as pure because of what Jesus has done.

Apply: Buy a coffee or another little treat for your mom today.

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