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Hope is Coming Day 21


Read: Matthew 1:18-25

Think: At first, Joseph doubted what God was doing in Mary and was going to divorce her. In your life, how have you initially doubted what God told you to do? What kind of ridicule do you think Joseph was choosing to accept when he married Mary? How have you been ridiculed in your life for your faith and how has it been worth it?

Hope: Fun fact: Joseph’s family tree can be traced back to King David in the Old Testament. All of the prophesies said that the Messiah would come through the lineage of David! And it finally happened: Jesus had come. The message of the Christmas season (Advent) is that Hope (Jesus) has come. We no longer have to wait for a Savior. He is here, and He is Jesus!

Pray: God, thank you that I can have hope because of Jesus no matter what is happening to me and around me. Thank you that the waiting is over, and I get to experience your forgiveness, freedom, and eternity with you because Jesus has come…hope has come!

Apply: Help your mom or dad cook dinner tonight or play with your siblings while they cook if they don’t want help.

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