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In the Beginning...

Hello Relentless Students! Over the next several weeks we are going to look at the Bible and learn the story it has to tell us. Each day we will be looking at either a book or section of a book from Genesis through Revelation.

Today we enter Genesis, which literally means origin. Think about your favorite superhero, do you know their origin? Maybe you like Iron Man or Spider-Man or some other hero, regardless they didn't all start out as heroes. Iron Man was a millionaire playboy, who dealt in weapons of mass destruction until he saw how corrupt his own corporation has become. Spider-Man was a high school kid who used his powers for a side hustle until his Uncle was murdered. For our story, Jesus is the hero and we are the people needing to be saved. The Bible shows us the beginning so we can understand our need for a hero and show how radically different our hero is from us.

In Genesis, we begin with nothing. God was the only thing to exist. Genesis 1:1 says "In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth." There was nothing before Him and He existed before time, so to quantify how long He has existed, impossible. He is eternal, without beginning and will meet no end. This is the author of our story, He created everything from scratch and lovingly watches over us as we live in His world.

From there, humans drop the ball. God asks them to not do one thing and what did mankind do? That one thing. By defying this rule we broke the order that God had created, causing death to enter the world. We then see mankind dive deep into evil. Their evil was so great God hit the "reset" button by flooding the world and only leaving one "righteous" family alive. They were not perfect, but they were not as vile as those around them. From them, we see a new family, one with promise. God steps in and makes a covenant (or promise) with these people, calling them the chosen ones. They were old and had no kids. So, God blessed them with a son named Isaac and this son was just the beginning our a massive heritage of people.

Over time, the family grew. Isaac had two sons and we narrow in on Jacob. Jacob then has a total of 12 kids and the story revolves around one. This one is known as Joseph, you have seen his movie "Joseph King of Dreams", if not go watch it, it's pretty good. Anywho...Joseph's brothers are jealous of him and sell him into slavery. He ends up in Egypt and is well-liked for his ability to interpret dreams. In the end, the land goes through famine and his family ends up in Egypt to receive food. The family is only saved because Joseph was there. God used the brothers jealously to save the whole family and by them being in Egypt, it sets up the next part of our story.

This is the origin. We see that people are broken and struggling to cope after the fall. God, creates a chosen people that He will use to offer salvation. Even though these people are broken, they chose to trust God and His will. As we continue through this series of Devos we will see the people fail again and again and how it is through their imperfection our need for savior becomes even clearer.

If you want more info on this book there are two videos posted below that take a closer look at the book of Genesis.

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