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Hey Relentless Students! Today we continue our journey through the scriptures and land in a one of a kind Biblical masterpiece, Song of Solomon (or in some Bibles Song of Songs).

This book is one that is often left alone because it's really all about one thing, sex.

Now here's the thing. It isn't all about sex, in fact, sexual desire is more of the aftereffect of such pure, unadulterated love. It's about an intimacy based on true attraction between a man and a woman. This then turns to sex, but the Bible saves us the details. Instead, Song of Songs focuses on the passion and the drive for relationship.

So, what is the Song of Songs? It is a poem, a declaration of love. The back and forth is between a bride and her groom. Their love for each other is so pure and obvious with each line. The comparisons feel weird to us, but that is due to culture alone. They see each other as beautiful in everything from actions to looks.

Even with the mention of more erotic descriptions, this book is a love story about the purest of love. With that in mind, scholars point to a few different interpretations. This is what God's love for the Jews looked like, this is what Christ's love for the church looks like, and this is what a pure relationship looks like when undefiled by sin. For our sake, we are going to focus on the last one, but if you want to dive into the other two more then check out the video at the bottom or hit me up and we can walk through that!

So, thanks to people much smarter than I, we know that Israelites would often write poems about the love between two people. There was a fascination with relationships and looking at what they were meant to be. We should all be familiar with the story of the Fall in Genesis 3 and how our relationships with God and others have been broken. Relationships no longer function how they were intended in the beginning. Thus the writer of Song of Songs decided to show people the untainted view of a relationship prefall. The goal was for people to understand how broken the world has become through telling a love story. When we read the book today, we often become distracted by the descriptions given of the man and the woman. But, the Israelite writer was making direct comparisons instead they looked at the meaning behind it. This shows incredible love and appreciation for one another.

As we enter relationships we expect everything to go well at all times. The reality is that won't happen. There will be fights, arguments, hurt feelings, etc. We won't experience a perfect, harmonious relationship. We can have hope though. As we read and glean from books such as Song of Songs we can get a glimpse of how to treat our partner and learn from mistakes made along the way.

For more info on the Song of Songs (or Song of Solomon) check out this video:

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