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Psalmthing to Ponder

Hey Relentless Students! I hope you were all able to enjoy your day and get some time in the sun. Today we continue our trek through the scriptures and explore the Psalms.

We are likely all familiar with the Psalms. They are poems or songs written by several different authors (the break down is in the chart below). They are a way for people to open themselves to God in a meaningful and thought-provoking way. Some of the main types of psalms are lament, wisdom, thanksgiving, and hymn (or worship). There are several other categories, but these ones are the more commonly referred to and agreed upon genres.

Lament psalms are those that cry out to God for in concern. These typically start with sharing concern, asking for help, stating trust in God, and end in giving praise to God for who He is.

Wisdom psalms revolve around what is good and what is not so good. They highlight what brings blessing and what is considered wicked, much like the book of Proverbs.

Thanksgiving psalms show God's faithfulness to His people. The writer lays out their situation, explains God's deliverance from their problem, and then give thanks for the outcome.

Hymn psalms are those oriented towards worship through and through. They are songs of praise for who God is or what God has done. They praise His name in song, much like we do during our times of worship.

What is awesome about the Psalms is that they aren't written like a book, they don't flow chapter to chapter. Instead, the Psalms are a compilation of unique works by several authors. Each author gave glory to God with their words. There is a lot of wisdom, a lot of praise, and a lot of emotion. As we go through the Psalms, one by one, we see a glimpse into the author's mind(s) in ways that we don't in the historical books, like 1&2 Kings/Chronicles.

The best part of Psalms is the language and courage it can give us. For some of us, we are not gifted writers, but we can unlock our emotions through the words of others. So, the psalms give language to our own thoughts. For others of us, we can write but don't know how far we can go with God before it becomes inappropriate. The Psalms encourage us to be open and honest with God. At times this can look ugly but in the end, it becomes a beautiful expression of relationship with God. He desires relationship and in any relationship, there will be highs and lows. Sin affects the relationship with have with God so there will be times we cry out and ever question what God is doing. But if we, like the Psalms, come back and say that we trust in Him and give Him praise for who He is, then we Gucci.

I want to challenge you all to take time, read a few Psalms, and try your hand at writing your own. If comfortable, share with us what you wrote!

If you want more info on the Psalms, check out this video:

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