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Taking Time to Reflect

What's up Relentless Students! This is day 30 of our 30-day Devo, the final day. So, what does that mean? A couple of things. First, this is a day of reflection, so look back at the last 29 days, pick a passage that sticks out to you, and read said passage/Devo. Two, this is not the end of daily Devo, starting tomorrow our Devos will be going through the Bible cover to cover. Some days we will do a part of a book and others we will deep dive into the whole book. It'll be a fun way to start knowing more and more of the story we hold onto as the core of our faith.

So, for today it is all about reflection. Take time and look through the last 29 days and see which passage either caused a spark then or choose one that is causing a spark now. The idea is then to read that passage, read the corresponding Devo, and take time to journal your thoughts and questions. Then, pray and ask God to speak into those thoughts and questions. Finish by writing whatever came to mind during that time. I would try to spend 30 minutes or so doing all of this, don't rush it and don't force it.

I hope the last 29 days have been life-giving as we navigate this difficult time. Know that you are all constantly in my thoughts and prayers and I long for the day we can actually be present with each other again. You are all loved and missed.

My challenge for you today is simple, reflect. Do the exercise listed above and let us know how it went either on here or on Facebook. Include how we can pray for you during this time and something you praise God for in light of everything.

Our prayer today,

God, you are awesome. You are mighty. You are life. We thank you for meeting us here, even though you are so far above us. I pray that we have open minds and open hearts as we reflect today. God, show us something new, something true, and something personal in our time with you today. Thank you for sending your Son and creating the space to have such an open conversation with you. We love you Lord and we know you love us. We pray all of this in Jesus' name, Amen.

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