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The Interest of Others

Happy Sunday, Relentless Students! We are on day 21 of our 30-day Devo. Our practice continues to be serving, how are you planning to serve today?

Today we will be looking at Philippians 2:1-11, but primarily on verse 4 which says,

"Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others."

In the full passage, we see Paul pleading with the people at the church of Philippi to be of the same mind. From there we see Paul describing what being of the same mind would look like from the outside. In that list, we see the focus verse from above. Paul then jumps into how this is the mindset Jesus had as He was on earth fully God and fully man, never saying equality with God was something to be grasped, but instead humbled Himself and took our cross. This is what Paul is calling the people to look like; not literally dying, but putting ourselves aside to serve others. This means being willing to look past what we want and need to serve the needs of those around us.

We will often talk about setting ourselves aside, or putting others first, but what does that really look like? Let me answer with a question, have you ever sacrificed something you needed for someone else trusting God will provide for you? This is a hard thing for even the most mature of us to do, yet this is what God is calling us to do. Serve even when it is inconvenient and not how you spend your time, energy, or resources. Even the idea of this is probably causing some anxiety to enter into you right now. That's okay. We are called to live like this, but doing this perfectly is what Jesus did because we couldn't do it.

Now, this isn't an excuse to get out of having to do it, but another reason why we should pursue to look like this. God is working on each of us, molding us into who we are meant to be each day. Opening yourself to transformation and doing as God leads is how we begin to release ourselves and look out for others first. Again, living like this isn't easy, but if we trust in Him and repeat when we fail then we are heading in the right direction.

The challenge for today is to find a way to serve that is inconvenient to you. Do this with a smile and pray that God would change your heart as you do this. Making it inconvenient opens the door for you to be selfless or give up and be selfish.

Our prayer today,

God, we thank you for another beautiful day. We thank you for being who you are. Lord, we ask that you put a desire in us to live to serve. May we open our minds to the needs around us and let us give, trusting you to provide for us. We love you and we know you love us. We pray all of this in Jesus' blessed name, Amen.

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